Transmittals Documents / Submittals Documents

for Projects and Project Tasks

This app allows you to manage Submittals and Transmittals documents for Projects and Tasks.

Main Features:
  • Allow you to configure Transmittal / Submittal Types.
  • Allow you to configure Transmittal / Submittal Mediums.
  • Send by email Transmittal documents to customers.
  • Send by email Submittal documents to customers.
  • Print PDF - Report for Transmittal / Submittal Documents.
  • Smart Button Submittal / Transmittal Documents on Project and Task Form.

Menu Items Available:

  • Projects
    • Transmittals
      • Transmittals
    • Submittals
      • Submittals
    • Configuration
      • Transmittal / Submittal
        • Types
        • Mediums

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