Default Terms & Condition on Customer Form

Sales Quote / Sales Order with Terms and Conditions from Customer Form

This app allows your sales manager to set Terms and Conditions on Customer / Contact form and when a new Sales quote / Sales order is created then the system sets that Terms and Conditions automatically on the Sales Quote / Order Notes field of Odoo.

Main Features:

  • Configuration on customer / contact form to set Terms and Conditions by customer.
  • Please note that if you do not set Terms and conditions on customer form then the system will use Terms and conditions from your settings which is odoo standard (out of box) feature. So first priority will be from customer form and if not found on customer form then odoo standard behaviour which is taken from settings.
  • So this app allows you to set T&C on the customer level where odoo standards allow you to set T&C on settings (which is shared by all the customers). So using an app you can have a feature where you can define T&C for every customer separately.

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