Multiple Branchs/Units Operations by Company for Point of Sale

Multiple Branchs/Units Operations for POS Odoo App

This module all Odoo to have multi branch concept by company for Point of Sale Applications. So you can setup multiple branches per company for Point of Sale Applications. Concept of multi branch operate same as multi company environment works in Odoo standard.
Supporting Access rights / Security for every applications which include branch concept similar like multi company security.
This app support Branch/Unit features on Point of Sale Applications listed as per screenshots below..

Main Features:

  • Allow you to create multiple branchs/units of your companies.
  • Access group created for Multi Branch similar like Multi Company group in Odoo standard/base.
  • Access records / Security of its specific branch.
  • Working as multi branch concept same as Odoo's multi company environment.
  • Branch functionality added to Point of Sale applications.
  • Set Your Branch on POS Session.
  • Its allow to set Own Branch on the Pos session.
  • For more details: See Video in live preview.

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