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Knowledge Article Documentation Module in Odoo


Odoo Assistance with User Documentation and Manual

Odoo Knowledge Module

This app allow your documentation user / team to write documentation or user manual for Odoo ERP applications. And it also allow your end users/employees who is working on Odoo ERP to read documentation of applications (written by Documentation User) and ask question if Odoo Processes.

Main Features:

  • Allow your documentation user to write documentation for ERP users of Odoo System.  
  • Please note that you will have to write documentation we are just providing framework of documentation. So documentation needs to be prepare by Documentation user.  
  • Allow your documentation user to give URL for document links which are online links and also allow them to upload User manual PDF.  
  • Your Employees/Users can go to documentation and find related documents he/she wants to read and understand process of applications.  
  • Allow your Employees/Users to search documentation of application using quick search wizard.  
  • Allow your Employees/Users to ask question to documentation user if do not understand anything in flow/process.  
  • This app provide assistance to end users when they are working in any Odoo application. If they found any query in Odoo workflows/functionality they can go documentation menu and read documentation and if not understand they can raise question. When they raise question system will automatically send email to answerer/documentation user as notification.  
  • When answerer answer question from employee/user after giving answer answerer can send email to employee/user who has raised question.  
  • This app allow you to prepare knowledge base as documentation for End Odoo ERP users.  
  • For example if new sales person come in company and if he/she do not know how to you Odoo sales application then he/she can go to documentation and find all material related to sales application and read it and for any question he/she can ask question to documentation user.  
  • PDF reports are available for question/answer and knowledge based.  
  • Allow documentation user to create version of documentation.  
  • For more details please watch video and see below screenshorts.  

Menus Available:

  • Documentation
    • Documentation
      • Knowledge Base
    • Quick Search Knowledge Base
    • Questions and Answers
    • Configuration
      • Tags
      • Applications

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