Timesheets Sheet for Employee

Employee Timesheet Sheet (Weekly / Monthly) - Odoo Module

This app allow your employee to fill Timesheet Sheet - Concept is removed from Odoo 13 Standard so this app allow you to have that feature back again.

Main Features:
  • Allow employees to create and fill Timesheets in Timesheet Sheet.
  • Allow you to do setting on company for Weekly or Monthly timesheet sheet period ranges.
  • Workflow of approval of timesheet sheets.
  • Allow your employee to submit a timesheet sheet and allow the timesheet manager to approve it.
  • Allow users to print Timesheet sheets PDF Report.
  • Show smart button / link of timesheet sheets on employee form.
Test Users:
  • Employee - Sant Louis
  • Employee Manager - Mark Dubois

Role of Users

    1. Timesheet User
    2. Timesheet Manager/ Team Approver

    1. Role of Timesheet User

  • Employees can create Timesheet sheets and fill timesheets.
  • Employees can Submit to the Manager after the end of week / month.
  • Print Timesheet Sheets PDF Report.

  • 2. Role of Timesheet Manager/ Team Approver

  • Timesheet Manager/ Team Approver can approve Timesheet Sheets.
  • Print Timesheet Sheets PDF Report.

Menus Available:

  • Timesheet
    • My Timesheet Sheet
  • To Approve
    • All Timesheet Sheets
    • Timesheets Sheet Approve

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