Employee Expense Tripple Approval

Odoo HR Expense Tripple Approval

This app set workflow tripple approval on expense submitted by Employees.

Main Features

  • After expense submitted by Employee then Department Manager of Employee can do First Approve.
  • Once Department Manager approved expense then it will go to Expense officer approval.
  • Once Expense Officer approved expense then it will go to Financial Approval.
  • Quick Flow: Submitted by Employee -> Approved by Department -> Approved by Expense Officer -> Approved by Accounting Dept. -> Posted -> Paid.
  • To make department manager you have to check box on user form "Expense Department Manager" then only department manager can see expenses submitted by employees under his/her department.
  • For more detail you can see Video in Live Preview section.

Available Menus

  • Expenses
    • Department Approval
      • Expense Reports To Approve
    • Finance Approval
      • Expense Reports To Approve
  • Invoicing
    • Expense Reports To Finance Approval
      • Expense Reports To Approve

Employee Expense Tripple Approval by Employees/Users

  • 1. Employee
  • 2. Department Manager
  • 3. Expense Officer
  • 4. Accounting/Financing Manager

Role of Employee

  • Employee can create expense sheet and submit it for approval process.

Role of Department Manager

  • Department Approval by Department Manager can approve expense sheet submitted by Employee.

Expense Officer/Manager

  • Expense Officer can approve expense sheet of employee.

Accounting/Financing Manager

  • Accounting/Financing user can approve expense sheet as Finance Approval.
  • Accounting/Financing user can also post journal entry and paid (This is odoo standard process for posting journal entry and paid).

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