Employee Attendance Import from CSV

Supporting Different CSV Format

This module enables the feature to import employee attendance from csv format.

Main Features:

  • The main advantage of the module is to allow users to import CSV files which can come from your different biometric devices with different columns headings in CSV. Please note that this module does not provide any direct integration of your biometric device into Odoo or do not directly synchronize your biometric decide data with Odoo. It only allows you to import csv into Odoo.
  • We have provided a configuration menu where users can configure biometric devices CSV format and columns and map it with Odoo attendance object/model columns. So at the time of import, wizard will ask which biometric devices CSV format user is going to import and import attendance records using that configuration and mapping.
  • We can say it is a very flexible way that in future if users add/remove any columns from CSV they have to just change/update configuration part of that CSV format in Odoo and no need to change/modify any technical code.
  • Code on employee form must be configured to match with code in CSV. And in configuration format you have to add line with Employee field on Odoo attendance model with code column of your CSV.
  • Make sure you have an Attendance group on your user to be able to see wizard and menu.

Menus Available:

  • Attendances
    • Attendance Import
    • Configuration
      • CSV Format Configuration

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