Hide Create and Edit Button for Users for Gantt View

Create and Edit Buttons Visibility Restriction for Gantt View

Restrict Create and Edit Button Visibility for Restricted Users

This app allow you to hide create and edit buttons for specific group of users who comes in "Hide Create Edit Buttons" group as shown in below screenshots for gantt view.

Main Features:

  • This app hides the create & edit button for gantt views.
  • This app does not stop any internal process which create or edit records internally using code in the module.
  • This hide of create and edit buttons are applicable to all the models of odoo and custom modules too (if you are using).
  • This also applicable for the fields many2one, many2many and one2many so for those fields create and edit options will be hidden too for fields directly on the form views.
  • This app does NOT change anything on access control lists or record rules of models/objects.
  • NOTE: For the fields many2one, many2many, and one2many users can create and edit records on the fly from the wizard, there is no restriction on creating and editing for the wizard view. Any questions regarding this, you can contact us by mail.

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