Employee Attendance Alert and Late Log(s)

Late Logs Entry for Employee Attendance

This Odoo app keeps logs if an employee comes late based on the attendance system of sign in activity.

Main Features:

  • Create Attendance Late Logs if an employee comes late.
  • Configuration on Employee form to set Start Time of First and Second Half of Day.
  • Start Time should be entered in 24 hours format.
  • For example if the start time of Employee is 10:00 AM and if he/she comes at 11:00 AM then the system will create a late log entry for him/her. Same for the second half if the employee starts time of second half duty is 15:00 PM but if he/she comes at 5:00 PM then the system will create late log entry for 2 hours.
  • Note: Timezone must be set on employees related user form.

Menus Available:

  • Attendances
    • Manager
      • Late Loges

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