Purchase Agreements Tender from CRM Pipeline Opportunity

Purchase Requisition [Tender] from CRM Opportunity / Pipeline

Purchase Requisition Tender from CRM App in Odoo

Create purchase tender requisition from CRM

Create purchase tender requisition from crm opportunity and pipelines.

This app allows your users to create Purchase Agreements / Purchase Tender / Requisition [Odoo Standard] from CRM Opportunity / Pipeline / Lead form.

Main Features:

  • Purchase Requisition / Agreement can be created based on Vendors selected on products line on Opportunity / Pipelines.
    (All product lines will be grouped by vendor and multiple Purchase Requisitions will be created.).
  • Purchase agreement will show reference to lead/opportunity/pipeline.
  • Please note that purchase requisition/tender/agreements showing / using here to create from CRM is Odoo standard feature. Our app just integrates both that means it allows your CRM users to create purchase requisition/tender/agreements from CRM pipelines.

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