Architecture Design Request Management

Odoo App for Architecture Designing Requests for Home / Office / etc...

This app allows you to manage architecture requests from the website and design in the backend request by design team / project team.

Main Features:

  • Allow your architect manager to configure and manage request architecture categories.
  • Allow your architect manager to configure and manage request stages.
  • Allow your architect manager to create a meeting with customers.
  • Allow your architect manager to create a request related job cost sheet.
  • Allow your architect manager to create a job cost sheet related sale order.
  • Allow your architect officer and manager to create a task and assign it to an architect.
  • Allow your architect to create a design for the assigned task.
  • Architects are able to create multiple designs for one design task with different versions.
  • Architects manage design in version wise and apply customer feedback changes for that design.
  • Allow your customer portal user see their own requests and request related published designs.

Roles by Users:

  • Architect Manager
  • Architect Officer
  • Architect
  • Portal User / Customer Login

Role of Architect Manager:

  • Manager created a meeting.
  • Manager creates Job Cost sheet.
  • Managers create a Sale Order using quotation lines.
  • Manager created a new project for request.

Role of Architect Officer:

  • Officer assigned a task for the architect.
  • Officers can work closely with customers and communication.

Role of Architect:

  • Architects create designs and discuss with customers.
  • Architects can also work on their task assigned to them for design requests.

Role of Portal User / Customer :

  • Portal users create an architecture request from website
  • They can see requests in my account portal of your website.

Note : There are three groups 1. Architect 2. Architect Officer and 3. Architect Manager -> These groups are created by system so you will have to go to user form and tick it so you can see architecture apps in the list.

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